Our first post!

Hello and welcome to SafeSkies Systems!
We would like to use this space to post news, updates, lessons learned, and challenges we face as we build our products and grow our company. We share the dream of thousands of drones flying in our skies. We hope to create a community that can help make that a reality by making drones safer to operate.


The short answer is that we are making commercial drones safer. We create safety systems that will allow commercial drones to fly autonomously in populated areas.

Our Safety Core can detect in-flight issues and automatically deploy recovery devices.

Our Quick Deploy Parachute is one such recovery device that deploys in milliseconds, making it one of the fastest parachutes on the market.


We started our journey in January 2017; so, we have a lot to share. From important breakthroughs to big success and even bigger failures, we’ll start from the very beginning!